PEMF Therapy: The Wonders of Healing Using Energy Waves

What is PEMF therapy? PEMF stands for “Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy” PEMF Therapy uses electrical energy to direct a series of magnetic pulses through injured tissue, whereby each magnetic pulse induces a tiny electrical signal that stimulates cellular repair. THE CONCEPT BEHIND PEMF TREATMENT? The guiding principle behind PEMF is that using safe, natural electromagnetic fields that are complementary to normal bodily functions will produce a wide range of therapeutic

Hydrotherapy Treatment & Benefits

Hydrotherapy treatment involves the use of unique properties in water to achieve therapeutic benefits. What is hydrotherapy? Hydrotherapy, sometimes known as aquatic therapy, is a form of physiotherapy that uses water to warm the body and gently increase resistance. It is commonly prescribed by doctors for the treatment of a wide variety of conditions, including: Arthritis Back pain Stress and Anxiety Poor circulation Muscle pain and inflammation Headaches Hip and joint repl